Is your child a fussy eater?

Does this sound like your child? If so, we can help! Contact Stepping Stones Therapy Services on (08) 9791 7898 for more information.  
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Reading to correct speech errors

Most people read books to their children to teach them language, concepts or so they learn to read. Today you're going to learn about another way that books can help your child. Reading books can help your child to pronounce sounds correctly!…

Learn sounds not letters

Let’s learn about sounds not letters   When it comes to preparing a child to read it seems to make sense to teacher letter names (e.g. A (ay) is for apple) because words are made up of letters. Words are definitely made up of letters,…
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Screen Time for Kids

Screen time and kids, a debate that can go on and on. It’s a hot topic and one that is unlikely to be resolved any time soon. While we are quick to pass comment on the negatives of excessive screen exposure, it’s hard to label screens…
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Why is core strength so important?

Core strength, it’s something that we associate with a six pack (and maybe Channing Tatum’s abs?) But, did you know that core strength is just as important for kids as it is a gym junkie? The core muscles are quite a complex group of…

Welcome To Our New Website

  Hello! Welcome to our revamped website by GetYourApp We hope you enjoy learning about who we are at Stepping Stones Therapy Services and how we can assist you. "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step." We recommend…