Areas We Can Target

Target Communication


Using words, sounds, signs, or behaviours to communicate. Children who experience difficulties here may have trouble speaking, following instructions, or interacting socially

Target Movement, Mobility and Coordination

Movement, Mobility and Coordination

Effectively and efficiently moving, and having the strength to maintain positions. Children who have difficulties here may have trouble sitting and attending in class, playing sports, or engaging in active play

Target School Performance

School Performance

Reading and writing skills, copying from the class board, and generally keeping average academic grades. This also includes using appropriate listening skills and a good attention span to stay on topic

Target Social Skills and Community Involvement

Social Skills and Community Involvement

Being an active member in the community. Having and contributing to supportive group of friends, interacting with others, and accessing age appropriate environments for enjoyment and participation

Target Daily Living and Independence

Daily Living and Independence

The ability to perform daily essential activities at an age-appropriate level. This includes mealtimes, toileting, sleep, getting dressed, bathing, and getting ready for – and actively participating in – school

Target Aids and Equipment

Aids and Equipment

Equipment that could assist in the development of skills or improved access within the community. This includes communication devices, seating, railing, ramps, modified utensils, etc

Target Formal Assessments and Profiling

Formal Assessments and Profiling

We can provide standardised assessments to address your areas of concern, including psychometric assessments. Ask us for more information regarding Cognitive assessments, diagnosis of Specific Learning Disorders including dyslexia, Intellectual disability, and Academic Profiling

Target Autism Assessments

Autism Assessments

We provide collaborative Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnostic assessments in your home, to avoid you needing to make multiple appointments to see each profession individually

Target Behaviour and Sensory Support

Behaviour and Sensory Support

Identifying inappropriate behaviours and/or sensory sensitivities that may be impacting participation in a range of environments, the underlying factors that may cause them, and what can be done to assist them

Target Nutrition


Working with families to ensure children are getting the proper nutrition that their bodies need